The Importance of Pricing Consistency

Knowing how to price and staying consistent on that price puts an artist in control.

How to Deal with Comparison Shoppers

If they search for matching merchandise on your website or another website on their mobile device, it can influence whether or not they make an in-store purchase.

Should you Put Your Work “On Sale?”

Sometimes when shoppers see discounted prices, they wonder what is wrong with an item – or why it is worth less.

“Starving Artist” is a State of Mind

Gaining traction and building your small business is largely about attitude and using smart strategies to distinguish your work and know where you’re going.

Choose Your Customer

It’s your job to produce not only a well-made product, but use your pricing, presentation and marketing message to create a “perceived value” for the customer – the customer that you choose.

Is Wholesaling the Same as Discounting?

Think about your current retail prices. What you are charging right now is likely too low for your handmade work.

Are Your Prices Too Low?

If you aren’t covering your bases, you are either losing money or have no room to grow.

How an Artist Grew Her Business

I know myself well enough to know that there will be times when I’m uninspired and don’t feel like painting

Spread Your Price Points

You may also want to sell work that is more expensive or less expensive to pull in other customers who could be interested in your work.

Who Sets the Retail Price?

Are you wholesaling your collection? Pricing is the province of the retailer – most of the time.