Artist: Jill Schiller

Being a vendor at art festivals is helpful because customers have the chance to tell you what kinds of products they would like.

How to Choose the Right Art Festival

Exhibiting at fairs and festivals has long been a primary way for artists and makers to get out in front of the public and sell their work.

Artist Profile: Linden Hills Pottery

Linden Hills Pottery is a popular studio in Wisconsin that creates functional and decorative ware. We spoke with co-owner William Kaufmann about their origins and success.     ABI:  Tell us about your pottery studio and the work that you produce. WK:  Simple acts can have profound outcomes. It was a coming home gift for my wife […]

6 Reasons to Exhibit at Art & Craft Festivals

There are clear benefits to selling your handmade work directly to the public in a face-to-face environment.

Artist Profile: Beth Kukuk

I designed similar and complimentary pieces and eventually built whole collections around my best selling jewelry.

Artist Profile: Sam Bernal

Making a point to meet and introduce yourself to local business owners can really help get your business off the ground.

Art & Craft Fair Fails

If you’ve been in “show business” long enough, you’ve had some oh-so-dreadful experiences that you may want to forget.

Evaluate Your Fairs and Festivals

Once you have exhibited at a show, evaluate your experience and decide whether it is worth repeating.

Are You Losing Sales Opportunities?

Before you do another show, make sure you are prepared to offer the best customer service possible to your customers, and maximize sales at the event as well as afterwards.

Choose Your Market

Before you plan your show schedule, before you promote … choose your market.     Many artists run their businesses hoping that customers who come across their work will choose to buy from them. Actually, it is very much the other way around; through your intention, planning, strategies, and actions, you choose your customers. It’s […]