Why You’ve Got Your Art Business Backwards

If you are running your business by reacting, rather than being proactive, you might find out the hard way what not to do.

Artist: Jerilynn Babroff

I like to make the images simple and colorful to bring out feelings and emotions. Clay is a great medium to express my feelings.

Artist Profile: Gail Trunick

Each found object comes with a life and texture all of its own and in a way I give it a chance at a second life, a new meaning.

Artist Profile: Stacey Krantz

The one-of-a-kind pieces allow me to create in whatever direction I am moved and are highly fulfilling artistically and inspire future collections.

Artist Profile: Andrew Montrie

Though my work in clay continues to evolve, the biggest change to my work in craft has become my collaboration with other artists.

Choose the Right Show for Your Art or Craft

Have you exhibited at art or craft shows that didn’t produce sales because they weren’t a fit for your work or your price points? It happens all the time.

Artist Profile: Heather Daveno

I counter ‘sticker shock’ by selling my hats as investment pieces, like a good pair of shoes or a suit. People who purchased my hats fifteen years ago are still wearing them today.

How to Get Juried In: Retail and Wholesale Shows

Your job is to submit such an impressive package that you are a “must-have” for the show.

Artist Profile: Bettina Magarill Pressman

Her original collection included sterling silver and freshwater pearls, with a flowing signature look that has great feminine appeal.

New Year’s Resolutions for Artists

The end of the year is almost upon us; a good time to review what happened in 2011 and what we plan for our businesses in 2012. Some artist friends share their New Year’s resolutions.