Artist Profile: Robin Urton

Because of the surreal quality of much of my work, I decided to call my art and jewelry business “Dreambird Art” (I am the dreaming bird which makes a frequent presence in my work).

Choose the Right Show for Your Art or Craft

Have you exhibited at art or craft shows that didn’t produce sales because they weren’t a fit for your work or your price points? It happens all the time.

Artist Profile: Jason Nelson

I’d like to be more prolific, and to explore new ways to symbolize complex concepts such as infinity, eternity and universal harmony

How to Sell Your Artwork – Licensing

Artists who license must understand the proper formats to use, how to submit their work, and the details of licensing contracts.

On Purpose Creative Entrepreneurship

You want to be a self-employed artist or craftsperson, but maybe you don’t know where to start.

What’s Better for Your Art Business – Wholesale or Retail Shows?

Quite often, a blend of retail and wholesale works to accentuate the positive aspects of each method of selling.

In Art, Words Matter

Ever walk through an abstract art exhibit, looking at the titles of each painting or sculpture to tell you more about what the artist intended?

Retail Art Fairs vs Wholesale Shows

Are you selling your work at half-price? Probably not. If you select only the “better” art fairs you’ll be able to increase your retail prices. Most artists at “average” retail fairs are already selling at wholesale!

Understanding Profit in Your Art Business

By Wendy Rosen You won’t survive without profit!  Too many artists think that profit is that stuff that’s left over after you’ve paid for materials, and maybe the booth fee.  Another group believes that profit is the money you pay yourself. Profit is the money you’ll use to grow your business, think of profit as […]