Should you Put Your Work “On Sale?”

Sometimes when shoppers see discounted prices, they wonder what is wrong with an item – or why it is worth less.

New Opportunity to Wholesale Handmade in Dallas

Artists who wholesale their collections have a new market opportunity as the American Made Show offers space in a new section of the Dallas Gift Market for handmade work.

Why Pre-Show Marketing Matters

Contact your existing accounts and hot prospects through email, social media, direct mail and by phone to grab their attention.

Artist Profile: Lara Ginzburg

I am combining my enameling with metal clay and traditional metalsmithing techniques.

Trade Show Prep: Signage

Share exactly what your collection is about by making a statement with your signage.

Art Licensing Trade Shows

What happens at a licensing trade show? Booth spaces are rented by individual artists, art licensing agencies, and art publishers.

Trade Show Strategies: Prepare your Checklist

Check these planning items off your list before you head out to your next trade show.

Trade Show Strategies: Pre-Show Marketing

Are you exhibiting at trade shows this year? Boost your opportunities and sales with these marketing strategies that reach out in advance of the event:

Dress for Trade Show Success

If you’re unsure what to wear, considering dressing like your buyers.

Exhibitor-Friendly Wholesaling

My best advice is twofold: (1) create a budget that includes a comprehensive marketing plan (pre-show, at-show and post-show) and (2) have realistic expectations.