Your Handmade Work and the Gift Market

The holiday season is the biggest time for gift buying, with fourth quarter making or breaking many stores’ sales quotas for the year.

Artist Profile: Dawn Teasdale

A walk in the woods, down a beach, or even a city street can be the inspiration for a whole new series of work.

The Importance of Sell-Through

Actually it is “sell-through” that determines whether your wholesale accounts reorder, and what they reorder.

Artist Profile: Cheryl Sattler

I make multi-layered pieces and use a little of this, a little of that, stitching it all together into my art.

Set Your Payment Terms

Artists planning to wholesale their collection should be familiar with terms of payment, and choose the right ones for their business.

Helping Your Reps Help You Sell

If your rep or agent hasn’t been working hard enough on your behalf – and this happens more frequently than you might think – you need to establish parameters with them on how often the two of you will talk and what your expectations are.

What Artists Can Learn from the Giftware Business

It can be helpful for artists to understand how those manufacturers think, and how they promote their lines to your buyers.

Artist Profile: Barbara Poole

Originally working in art as a painter, Barbara Poole discovered felt-making and has been creating handmade wearables for the past three years.

Artist Profile: Liz Kinder

There’s a cyclical nature to color trends and fashions. Artists are creating these trends rather than following them.

Artist Profile: Matt Thomas

One of the main pearls of wisdom that I took from the forum was to send out an advanced mailing that introduced my work to shop owners.