Your Handmade Work and the Gift Market

The holiday season is the biggest time for gift buying, with fourth quarter making or breaking many stores’ sales quotas for the year.

How One Artist Built a Successful Wholesale Business

What sets me apart from my competition is that I have become a multi-media brand.

Advice from a Successful Production Artist

Matt keeps a production calendar. He knows his monthly production capability, and schedules orders so that he has time to make and ship them on time.

Should You Wholesale Your Work or Not?

When might wholesaling not be a good idea? Let’s look at some scenarios:

Artist Profile: Candace Stribling

I am still learning my craft, honing my skills and now learning business fundamentals to help my business be successful.

When Wholesale Customers Don’t Buy

You just know the gallery would be a perfect place for your handmade line. You’ve checked them out, you’ve spoken to the buyer, and you’re dying for that opening order.

The Value of Your Customer Base

You might think it’s your studio equipment or perhaps your inventory, but the truth is that your customer base is one of the most important and often the most valuable asset you have.

The Benefits of Wholesaling

Your stable of wholesale accounts is one of the biggest assets of your small business.

Niche Markets in the New Economy

Trade shows, conventions and other opportunities exist for specialty items that appeal to the core audience for these markets.

Sales Aids for Trade Shows

All of these materials can assist you in bring your work to the attention of buyers and giving them information about yourself and your l