Wendy Rosen

Wendy Rosen is nationally and internationally recognized for her work in American Made and creative community development sectors. Over the past three decades Rosen’s career has been dedicated to leveraging the creative spirit of individuals and their communities to build sustainable economies. Through her trade shows, magazines, books and educational workshops, Rosen has mentored thousands of small business owners and consulted for dozens of communities building a 14.2 Billion (GDP) Maker economy in the United States.

In 1984, Hampden’s Avenue was filled with pawn shops and vacancy signs. There were no sushi bars, wine bars, or cafes… Rosen put together a partnership to create the Mill Centre Artist Studios… The project opened in 1986 and almost instantly, everything changed.

The cornerstone for the revitalization of this “Coolest Neighborhood in America” was the transformation of a civil war era cotton mill into a 100,000sf arts and creative business incubator. Within a few years the Avenue was filled with quirky shops, great cafes and home values soared from 35,000 to 250,000. Today finding a home in Hampden for less than 200,000 is nearly impossible.

Made famous for its starring role in John Waters’ films and long known as the place where everybody calls you “hon,” Hampden centers on 36th Street – known to locals simply as the Avenue. You’ll find original shops and an eccentric array of cafes mingling with the barber shops and pharmacies that keep this authentic, hardworking neighborhood real. Come for HONfest, the annual spring street festival dedicated to the beehive hair-do, cat’s-eye glasses and all things “hon.”

The documented success of Hampden has led Rosen many communities to seek out Wendy Rosen to help them replicate the success in communities across the US and Canada.

Finding the right path to success isn’t easy for most artists.In today’s marketplace every entrepreneur needs to wear a dozen hats. We live in an age when business models and marketing strategies change every day.

We’ll show you how to find new customers, add value to your work, budget and plan for a trade show, negotiate a good partnership, select the right website platform, integrate a CRM and create a social media marketing program.

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Over past three decades, we’ve worked directly with more than 6,000 artisan makers helping them design sustainable business plans and income streams.  We also educate artisans and makers through live workshops presented coast to coast by the Arts Business Institute.  Schedule a workshop and raise funds for your local arts community.

Business Start-Up
Product Design & Production
Niche Markets for Artists & Artisans

Adding Value & Pricing Your Work
Targeting and Building a Solid Customer Base

Design Trends
New Product Development & Expansion
Gallery Representation and Negotiation
Trade Show Planning & Special Event Marketing

Furniture makers, jewelry designers, ceramic artists, woodworkers, metalsmiths, glassblowers, fiber artists, sculptors, soap makers, decorative accessory artisans, museum store buyers, architects and real estate developers.

SERVICES Market research, business development & outreach campaigns to 20,000 Retailers and 6,000 artisans. Consultation packages begin at $500 for four one hour sessions. Each session provides detailed guidance to plan, launch and build a sustainable business. Each client receives one-on-one advice and step by step action plans to serve their individual needs.

MARKET SECTORS Fine art, gift, jewelry, home decor, natural products and fashion.

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